Somebody Make This!
What inspired you to build Somebody Make This! It was something I've wanted to do for some time, because I had some ideas and, mostly for Lightning-powered apps, and wanted to see them done. If more people shared my judgement that these were interesting ideas then it would be an incentive for builders everywhere, including myself. I then expanded this idea to a broader scope, but I think it just remains the same.
How did you build Somebody Make This!?
I wrote a "smart contract" on with some lines of Lua, wrote some tests for it, then begin writing a purely-client side interface to it with JavaScript.
What were the biggest development challenges?
The time. I didn't have much time to work on it on that specific weekend, I spent all the time I could, but it wasn't enough.
What operational challenges have you run into since launch? I didn't work on it since the hackathon. It needs quite a bit to be presentable. I spent too much of my brain on it during that weekend so I had to take a break. Only now I'm starting to think about it again.
What are your plans for the project post hackathon?
I'll finish the JavaScript interface and see if the community likes it.
What projects are you most excited about this next year? I'm actually expecting Bitcoin to get mainstream interest again with new high prices or financial turmoils in the real world, hoping that will bring more people to the Lightning economy.
Where can we find code or working application of your project? The "backend" code is at, the frontend will be published anytime soon.
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