Bitcoin Address Formats

A Bitcoin address is an identifier that represents a destination for a Bitcoin payment. They are represented by a series of alphanumeric characters. Addresses can be generated at no cost by any user.

Private Key WIF (51 characters base58, starts with a '5'): 5KLgsTKHMLmVxetAvN8Vqa9H7FWSj1DdXYeEKMy4nyHS5YKTpuq
Private Key WIF Compressed (52 characters base58, starts with a 'K' or 'L'): L3wtyh9hAnFQpeCrnYG6HPHY6b2xYPxkDpfKn3YTjuRXgeG6XK68
Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]): C8B9FC507B27D1C194B7F2EBE4941A25FA289BF790EBEFAB874F937ADE3EE403
Private Key Base64 (44 characters): yLn8UHsn0cGUt/Lr5JQaJfoom/eQ6++rh0+Tet4+5AM=

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