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In late April 2019, the Lightning Network arrived for the Decred testnet; it is not currently (as of May 6th 2019) available for Mainnet.

Decred has chosen to enable users to connect to the Decred Lightning Network by maintaining dcrlnd, a Decred-specific fork of LND:
GitHub - decred/dcrlnd: Decred Lightning Network Daemon ⚡️
Follow the installation instructions to install a Lightning Network node. You will also need to have dcrd installed and synchronized to the blockchain.
dcrlnd/ at master · decred/dcrlnd

Use dcrlncli newaddress p2pkh to generate a new address for storing coins. Testnet DCR coins are available from this official faucet:
Decred Testnet Faucet
Decred - decentralized credits
A Decred Testnet block explorer is available here:
dcrdata - The Decred Block Explorer
To connect to the Decred Lightning network, you'll need to use dcrlncli connect to establish a p2p connection to other nodes on the network and then dcrlncli openchannel to open payment channels to them. Use these maps of the network to find other nodes to connect to:

Join the Decred Slack to discuss the Decred Lightning Network and get support:
Decred - Secure. Adaptable. Sustainable.
Decred - Secure. Adaptable. Sustainable.
Check out this other guide to installing DCRLND:
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