Litecoin LN

Join the Litecoin Lightning Network

A Lightning Network is also available for Litecoin. LND ships with Litecoin support built in, so you can connect to this Lightning Network using the same LND that you use to connect to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. You will also need to install the litecoind or ltcd backend and sync the Litecoin blockchain.

The Litecoin Lightning Network has a smaller number of nodes than the Bitcoin Lightning Network:

Litecoin Lightning Services

Sparkswap's beta allows trustless trading between the Bitcoin and Litecoin Lightning Networks:

Places to spend Lightning LTC:

Litecoin Testnet

Connect to the Litecoin Testnet Lightning Network using LND and the litecoind backend.

The Litecoin Testnet Lightning Network is rather small:

Get testnet LTC here:

There are no known Litecoin Testnet lightning apps.


For Mac:

For Windows: