Lightning Stores

Use Lightning to buy stuff

Want to buy physical goods with Lightning? Check out these stores.

Other great sources of Lightning stores:

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Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards are cash-like, so buying gift cards on the Lightning Network is essentially a form of exchange.

Opening a channel and then spending some of the money on gift cards is an excellent way to bootstrap liquidity for your Lightning wallet.


earning satsback on the Fold app

Buy gift cards with Lightning or a credit card and receive cashback in Lightning BTC. It's satsback!

With the Fold app right on your phone, use the gift cards you buy to pay for stuff in person!

If you don't sign up for an account and pay for all cards with Lightning BTC, Fold preserves your privacy.


Buy gift cards and vouchers with Lightning


Buy gift cards with Lightning

Buy Services

Some services, especially those that value and preserve your privacy, have begun accepting Lightning payments!


Buy a VPN subscription with Lightning

Bitclouds VPS

Rent a virtual private server with Lightning!

Buy Stuff

By stuff with Lightning! Especially bitcoin-related stuff.


Lightning stickers and t shirts


Buy Bitcoin novelty items

Bitcoin shirts

Ludvig Manukyan

Bitcoin Art


Bid on Lightning... with lightning!


Buy t-shirts and other goods


Buy clothing and other accessories


Bitcoin-specific merch


Crypto t shirts using Lightning


Buy video games with Lightning