Public Nodes
publicly-accessible LN nodes requesting incoming connections
Also see this page for tips on bootstrapping your Lightning payment receiving capacity:
And consider adding your node to this inbound liquidity request board:

Checking Connectivity

If you are on mainnet, the easiest way to check if your node is publicly accessible is to fill out the form on LightningTo.Me: :: Boosting Lightning and Bitcoin adoption
If your node is accessible, you will immediately receive an inbound channel for 2,000,000 satoshis.

Public IP Nodes

When adding a node below, please include:
  • pubkey and address
  • which blockchain
  • node software type and version
  • planned uptime
  • any services hosted on this node (Lightning apps, stores, tip sites, &etc)

03d[email protected] Bitcoin testnet, LND v0.5.1 100% uptime;

Tor Nodes

Random Laptop

033[email protected]lwa3ljckbeaqxjvy5l55duj5z3e5hhbj3ba4f6pkb3n2bxzly4gmqvqd.onion:9735 Bitcoin testnet; LND v0.5.2 moderate uptime; Tor testing only