Zap Desktop


Zap Desktop is an open source desktop Lightning Network wallet for Windows, Linux, and macOS developed by Jack Mallers. First released on January 26, 2018, the project has since been under development and remains in beta. As of January 14, 2018, the project has 39 contributors on GitHub, and is on version 0.3.3-beta.



Zap Desktop implements a fully functional lnd node in the desktop client. Zap supports Bitcoin testnet3 in the default operating mode, but can also connect to lnd configured for any network (tBTC, BTC, tLTC, LTC).
Zap supports autopilot configuration, remote node connection, BTCPay support, and Bitcoin unit conversions.

User Experience

Screenshot from Zap Desktop on macOS
Zap walks users through the creation of a wallet on install. Users progress through a traditional user flow, creating a wallet and backing up the seed phrase. Zap also has autopilot functionality.

Tech Stack

Zap is built with Electron, React, and Redux on top of the lnd implementation of the Lightning Network.


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