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Contribute With GitBook

Contribute within seconds using the GitBook UI:

  1. Contact us via Telegram, Twitter, or email. Tell us what excites you about Lightning, and we'll give you an invite link!

  2. Sign into GitBook. Use your GitHub account, Google account, or email and password.

  3. Click "Create A Draft".

  4. Create new pages and edit existing ones.

  5. Click "Save".

  6. Click "Describe this draft" and add a description.

  7. Click "Merge" to make your changes live, click "Archive" to stash your changes for later, or just leave your draft for someone else to review and merge.

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Contribute With GitHub

If you'd prefer to write content in Markdown and submit pull requests on GitHub, the wiki content lives here:

A Markdown page template is available to get you started:

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Requested Content

  • Lightning for Litecoin

  • C-Lightning and Eclair

  • Information about devtools like WebLN, LN-service, &etc

  • More wallets

  • More Lightning applications

  • &etc

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